We pride ourselves on offering expert coaching to adults as well as children, which unfortunately is not the case in a lot of gyms that say they provide adults classes but in reality leave you to do your own thing without the support you really want.

Every session includes a Warm up and basics which are led by a coach, then you have the option of working with a coach on specific skills, or if you prefer to be more independent, the gym can be used as you wish (so long as it safe!).

All sessions finish with a cool down and stretch. Take things at your own pace. There is no pressure to do things you do not feel ready to do.

All of our Adults sessions are held at Brunswick Park Primary School  (Sports Hall), Picton Street, Camberwell, SE5 7QH


If you would like to attend an adults session please register online here before you attend so that we have relevant contact and medical details.


Annual Membership is due after your second visit. Membership includes membership to British Gymnastics and relevant Insurance cover. The membership fee will be automatically added to your account after your second session. It can be paid online via your account that you opened on registration or on arrival at a class by cash or card. Membership is currently £30 and is renewed every September.


Book Online

We are pleased to also offer online booking for individual sessions as well. Click here for session bookings (card payment required).

Session Times

Day Time Level Session Fee Student Fee
Tuesday 8pm-9.30pm Intermediate/ Advanced  £7 Per Session £5 Per Session
Wednesday 8pm-9.30pm Beginners/ Intermediate*  £7 Per Session  £5 Per Session
Thursday 8pm-9.30pm Beginners/ Intermediate*  £7 Per Session £5 Per Session
Friday 8pm-9.30pm Beginers/ Intermediate*   £7 Per Session £5 Per Session
Saturday 1.30pm-3pm Intermediate/ Advanced  £7 Per Session  £5 Per Session

* Advanced gymnasts are welcome to train on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Friday but the general coaching focus of the session will be more towards basic skills.

Student Discount

Keeping in line with our community ethos we offer a student discount on all adult gymnastics sessions.

Valid ID will need to be shown for the discount to be applied. We accept NUS, ISIC or University or College cards with an expiry date. If you are still at school then an ID card or supporting letter from your school will be accepted. In the event of a dispute the Head of Adults Gymnastics will make a final decision.

Minimum Age

You must be 16 or over to attend an adults class. If you are 16 or 17 a parent or carer will need to complete a registration form giving consent for you to attend.

 For more information on Adults Gymnastics please contact Levent Charles –  Levent.charles@southwarkgymnastics.co.uk

191 Responses to Adults Gymnastics

  • Hi, i am 23 and never done any type of gymnastics before but would love to learn and improve my strength

    bit apprehensive as i can’t even do a handstand – which class would be best suited for a complete beginner?

    thank you

  • Hello, are these drop in classes? Mary

  • Hello, I am the Vice President of the UAL Royals Cheerleading squad. We are looking to improve the tumbling skills of a few of our members for upcoming competitions. The girls we would be bringing are already able to do basic tumbling such as dive rolls, cartwheels, hand stands and round-offs; we will be mainly looking at working on front and back hand springs. Could you please advise as to which class would be best suited for us?

    Thank you,

    Alexandra Melvin

    • Hi Alexandra,

      The best sessions would be Tuesday or Friday 8pm or Saturday 1.30pm. Thanks

  • Hi there, I am 25 years old,I am a dancer and a fitness instructor,but I am looking to go a bit further by challenging myself. Would love to learn how to do backflips,handstands and awesome gymnastocs tricks. Is this the right place to learn this kind of things?
    Also,the only day suitable at the moment for me would be Tuesday and its a intermediate/advance level,would it be too difficult? Or should I try first,what would you suggest?
    Many thanks

  • Hello Guys!
    im interested in joining in, my focus will be handstand and maybe try back and front flips, also do you do elements of calisthenics? such as front lever, muscle up, planche, v sit and rings? I’m fascinated by body weight training and techniques!
    I’ll definitely try one class this thursday.

  • Hi! I’m 26 with no experience at all in Gymnastics since P.E. at school but am very excited to come along this Wednesday for the beginner class and see what the session is like if there is availability.
    Besides registering online is there anything else I need to do beforehand?
    Many thanks!

    • Hi Zahra, Glad to hear you are looking forward to it. There’s nothing else to do before you come so we look forward to seeing you there!

  • Hi, I am looking at improving skills such as handstand but what I was really looking for was some help with jumps such as toe-touch jump. Would that be something you guys would be able to help out with? Thanks

  • hello, is there now a Friday beginner class as well? I would like to start join gymnastic classes but I have never done it before (I am 26). Thanks!!

  • Hi, I’m 19 and I was a level 7 gymnast (US levels) a few years ago but I had to stop due to studies. Now that I’m studying in London I ‘d love to take it up again just because i miss tumbling… I wouldn’t class myself as a beginner obviously but i’m nowhere near as good as i used to be, what class would you suggest?

    • Hi Ari, We’d suggest the intermediate/advance sessions Tuesday/Fridays 8-9.30pm or Saturday 1.30-3pm. Thanks

  • Hi,

    I am interested in the adult gymnastics classes to build up my skills and also general fitness. (i did some gymnastics as a child but haven’t done anything for about 15 years) what classes are best as I have some experience but would probably class myself as a beginner? Also is there a particular class that has more guys in?

    thanks for your help 🙂

    • Hi James, Wednesdays or Thursdays would be a good place to start but you are welcome to switch to an advanced/intermediate class at anytime on either Tuesday or Saturday. (Saturdays are closed until September though). There’s a fair amount of guys in any session, it would be difficult to put one day over another for that. Thanks

  • Hi! Where are your Wednesday and Thursday adult beginners classes held? I can’t find an address anywhere! Thanks

    • Hi Carla,

      Brunswick Park Primary School (Sports Centre), Picton Street, Camberwell, SE5 7QH. Entrance to the sports centre is actually on Bantry Street. Thanks

  • Hello I did gymnastics when I was younger and would really like to start having classes again. I would like to come along to a class to check it’s what I am looking for. Could you please tell me whether I need to book or can just turn up – I am looking to attend the Wednesday evening beginners course until I am more confident. Many thanks

  • Hi there, I’m interested in the adult gym classes. I used to do acrobatics until I was about 16, but that was over 15years ago and I am now pretty inflexible, I’m a bit nervous about getting back into it, is it possible to drop by a class to watch for a bit before joining? And which level would you recommend?

    • Hi, Feel free to come and watch at anytime. We usually recommend the intermediate/advanced sessions to people who have past experience even if it was some time ago. Thanks

  • Hi there!

    My name’s Becca and I’m really interested in trying out some of your adult gymnastics classes. Please can you explain what kind of skills you learn in the beginners/intermediate classes versus the intermediate/advanced classes? I used to do gymnastics in my teens and was most competent on floor (I learnt flicks, round off back somersaults, front somersaults, handsprings etc.) I’d love to get my skills back! Can you also please confirm whether it’s possible to pick and choose which apparatus you learn?

    Best wishes and many thanks in advance,


    • Hi Becca, I’d suggest the advanced class. You can choose which skills/apparatus you want to learn.

  • Hi,
    I’m 16 and am looking to join a gymnastics class.
    I did gymnastics until I was 12 but never reached a particularly high level.
    Could you advise me on whether this is the right class for me and also which level class I should attend.

    Lydia Swift.

    • Hi Lydia, I’d recommend the advanced classes adults classes on either Tuesday 8pm or Saturday 5pm.

  • Hi Guys,
    I am a capoeira player and would like to develop some acrobatics with proper advice and safety. Do you think your adult classes could help?

  • Good afternoon,

    I’m interested in trying your adult gymnastics class this Wednesday 6th April and would like to do it pay as you go to see how I find the class before committing to monthly payments. However, as I started going through the registration form, it’s showing that the class has reached it’s maximum member limit. As your information page says that once the class has reached capacity, pay as you go customers will be unable to attend, does that mean that the class is already full and there’s therefore no chance I’ll get in by turning up on the day?

    Also, how much is the annual membership?

    Many thanks,

    • Hi Georgia, Apologies for the problem with the website – we are looking into it at the moment. The info you were given is not correct in that that there are still spaces for Pay As You Go adults however the Wednesday session does get busy and I would suggest to arrive at least 15 minutes early. Thanks, Andrew

  • Hi,

    I would like to attend today’s class at 5:00pm. This would be my first time with yourselves but I do have acrobatic and trampolining background. Is there room to attend on a walk in basis?

  • Hello ,
    Im 21 and I live in switzerland and I wanted to know if I could come during summer to take some of your classes for like 3weeks or a month . I’m a regular gymnast in acrobatics but we don’t do beam nor the vault i want to give it a try which classes should I attend ?

    • Hi Cecilia, Tuesday 8pm, Friday 8pm and Saturday 5pm would all be suitable. Thanks

  • Hi, How much is the annual membership/insurance, after your second visit?


  • The most adult gymnastics classes are just on the floor. But I realy want to learn stuff on beam, bars and vault as well do you do those during a adult session?
    King Regards

  • I can’t come in on the beginner classes on Wednesday and Thursday as I have evening college lessons.
    Do you do beginner classes on other times?

  • Hi

    I’d like to attend the Beginners/Intermediate class on Wednesday. Is it possible that the class is already booked up? How can I find out?


    • Hi Jonathon, there are spaces on a walk in basis but we advise to arrive early (7.45pm). Please fill out a registration form on the home page first so we have contact/medical details etc. Thanks

      • Hi
        I am 44 years old and consider myself reasonably fit. I can do a cartwheel (good and bad side), OK handstand, rolls and other simple tasks. What level would you advise me to try?
        Many thanks

        • Hi LAF, You are suitable for either from the sound of it. I would suggest trying any session and seeing how it goes. You can always switch to a different level in subsequent sessions. Andrew

  • Wanting to come in tomorrow evening for the adult session, just need to confirm you have a mini-tramp?

  • hi would love to be able to attend your adult claases all my life i have wanted to do cartwheesl i am now 39 and still have the desire to do so, please help what do you advise

    • Hi Jenny, Come along to a beginners class on either Weds or Thurs. No experience needed. Please fill out a registration form on the home page beforehand so we have your details. Thanks

  • Hi there,

    I’m interested in joining and wanted to check which class would be the most suitable – I do Gymnastics classes within CrossFit and have some scattered Gymnastics skills – good pullup and dip strength, good amount of hand stand pushups (on a wall), one handed cartwheels, trampolining experience from when younger (can do consecutive backflips) – interested in developing more general Gymnastics skills, stability in handstands, etc – should I join the Advanced classes?

    Thank you,

    • Hi Matt, Yes your skill level would be suitable to advanced adults on either Tues or Sat or the open Friday session (less coach support on Fridays though)

  • Hiya

    Im interested in attending your adult classes can i just turn up on wednesday pay on door? Also do you teach different things different weeks tailored to what you want to learn?

    • Hi, Yes you can turn up on a pay as you go basis but please fill out an adult registration form on the home page first. We do try and tailor the sessions to the skills that you are interested in.

  • Hi,

    I have a question about your annual membership – does this mean you have to commit to paying for a year of classes after your second visit? Is it possible to carry on on a pay as you go basis?



    • Hi Anna, It is Ok to continue on Pay As You Go. The Annual Membership is £30 for adults and includes membership to the club, British Gymnastics and Insurance Cover. It is different to the class fee you pay. Thanks

  • Adults classes are held at Brunswick Park Primary School (Sports Centre), Picton Street, Camberwell, SE5 7QH

  • Hello,

    I’m interested in joining but no sure which class would be suitable. I have gone gymnastics before and am able to do handstands, cartwheels, roundoffs and walkovers (although I will be rusty!). I’d like to be able to do back handsprings.

    I also wondered, if you pay £19 a month, is that £19 to go to as many of the classes in that month, or £19 per class you book on to? Thanks,


    • Hi Charlotte, I would suggest intermediate/advanced level. The £19 covers only the specific day eg all Tuesdays for that calendar month

  • Hi, I’d like to come to your classes with two of my friends who are both sixteen and we are all beginners. The only problem is that I turn sixteen in March and so I’m a bit young for this class, would it still be ok for me to come if I’m with my friends? Also do you teach on all of the apparatus or just floor? Thanks!

    • Hi Millie, Yes that’s no problem feel free to come. We teach on bars, beams, vault and rings as well as floor/tumbling skills

  • Hi,

    I’m 22 and I practiced Gymnastics during 4 years (I started when I was 11), and I would like to take up again when I’l move to London. But the only time I could attend to is on Saturday. Is that possible?
    Thank you in advance.
    Best regards.

  • Hi there,

    I’m a complete beginner to gymnastics, I’ve had some experience with trampolining when I was a teenager but that was a long time ago. Do you except complete beginners? I have a decent amount of core strength from the other sport I use to play but my flexibility is pretty poor.


  • Hi there,

    I would love to get back into gymnastics, but I only want to do tumbling. I’d really like to relearn how to do a back handspring and front & back walkovers.
    I can do handstands, cartwheels, round offs, handstand forward rolls etc. Just the basics. The highest skill I have ever done is a roundoff back handspring, 5 years ago after 2 years of gymnastics training. What class would you recommend for me?


  • Hi,

    I’m looking to improve my tumbling skills. I am quite fit in handstands, can do a few shapes with my legs, kick up, twist out, working on straddle lifts.
    I can cartwheel, roll forwards and backwards, do a decent bridge and am currently working on my backwards walkovers. I am generally quite fit but can’t do any handsprings, forwards walkovers, flips or anything advanced yet. What level would you recommend for me?

  • Hi,

    Do you have ropes?


    • Hi Ross, Yes we do plus the Southwark Circus Corner run classes in the gym and they also have aerial silks. Thanks

  • I just want to do a backflip ….. QQ take my monies

  • Hello I hope you are well?

    I did gymnastics and trampolining on off until the age of 21 i have been out of it for about 9 years. I have recently started training as a PT so am quite fit, but I would really love to build up my gymnastics strength and flexibility again. Would it be possible to come along for a taster session and what level should i start at? Look forward to hearing from you.

    Thank you.

    • Hi Kirsten, Please fill out an adults registration form on the home page. You are then welcome to attend any of the adults sessions listed on the timetable. I would suggest the intermediate/advanced level as you have experience already.

  • Hi. I’m 45 year old male looking to start gymnastics, no background in it. What do the beginner sessions focus on in terms of skills and conditioning?

    • Hi Jason,
      Skills wise – rolling, supporting body weight leading up to handstands, cartwheels. These skills can be transferred onto apparatus like vault and trampoline. Conditioning works on the strengthening the body shapes needed for these skills as well as general core strength/body tension. Feel free to complete a registration form (on the home page) and come along. Thanks

  • Hi, I am 24, I did gymnastics until I was 18 but haven’t done it since! I should still be able to do a flick, and potentially a tuck back and was wondering which class I should come it?



  • Hey I used to do gymnastics as a kid competitively but haven’t trained for Bout 10 years I know the basics but am probably not as physically fit as I use to be. I would come to the beginners sessions but I can’t make it on time due to work on those days. Do you think the intermediate level would be too much for me initially and if so is there another I session I can come along to untill I’m at a suitable stage to come to the intermediate classes?

    • Hi Melody,
      I’d suggest trying an intermediate session and see how it goes. I’m afraid the only sessions we have are all listed. Thanks

    • Hi there! I am a wakeboarder and I am looking to learn some flips on land / foam pit / trampoline so that I can do them more confidently in the water. I can barely do them on a trampoline though – do you think coming to gymnastics will help? I am a beginner with tumbling – can I come to a taster session this Thursday?

      Thank you!

      • Hi Kat, It sounds like gymnastics would help. We do teach the kind of skills your interested in so feel free to come along. Thanks

  • Hello, I am 19 and used to do women’s artistic gymnastics about 20h a week, unfortunately had to stop quite early due to multiple injuries, and I’m pretty sure I have lost most of it. I’d like to go back to training while taking things really easy, just for fun, so I’m guessing an intermediate session would be good? Also I was wondering since I can’t really see on the pictures, do you have beam/vault/uneven bars at your gym or is it just floor, trampolines, etc. ?



    • Hi Marion, Intermediate would be suitable. We also have uneven bars, beam, vault, tumble track. The floor is non sprung though. Thanks

  • Hi there i am really intrested in thee sessions and wondered how many people attend and are over the age of 20 roughly?

    • Hi Donnisha, There is a real mix of ages. It’s hard to say really but there are plenty over 20. Thanks

  • Hi
    would i book for go today at class (teaster)?
    i do gimnastics in Spain and i want to keep practise

  • Hello, I’m 22-yo guy and a student. I have some experience in b-boying, and I already know how to handstand, roll, stall into freezes and perform some kinematic moves such as kip-up, windmill, cricket, etc. plus one bad-formed front walkover. I’m quite flexible also.
    I’m somewhat between beginners and intermediates, so I’m not sure which session I should get.

    Also, can I just walk-in to/pay for a corresponding session without prior booking? And can I come more than once a week for the rate per calendar month? (£17.10)

  • Hi,
    My name’s Edgar, I’m 26.
    I did gymnastics as a kid/teenager. I do miss it and I’d like to start training again – only floor work/tumbling though.
    I think I’m still okay with handsprings, front and backflips. But I’d like to regain former skills (twist somersaults) and maybe develop new ones. For which I would probably need a bit of help/coaching.
    Do you think you adult classes could be suitable for me?
    Thanks a lot!

    • Hi Edgar,

      Yes the adults sessions would be suitable. I’d recommend the intermediate/advanced sessions on Tuesday 8-9.30pm or Saturday 5-7pm. All sessions are coach led and structured so would be able to assist where needed.

  • Hi, I wanted to know who coaches the adult session and I would like to know if there are any women only session.
    There are some at East London gym but they are not coached. I wanted to know if any of the adult session at Southwark have female coaches.

    Kind regards

    • Hi Bee, all of the adults sessions are mixed so there are no female only sessions I’m afraid. There is usually a female coach at the Tuesday and Wednesday session.

  • Are there any classes for complete beginners?

  • Hi,

    I would love to come to an adult gymnastics beginner session. Could you tell me if the whole session is structured or not with a coach?

    What I wouldn’t want is to turn up and warm up but then be left to my own devices around the gym – I’m not quite at that stage.

    Look forward to hearing from you


  • parking – also do you know if there is parking nearby?

  • hi i used to do gymnastics when i was younger and would love to learn again im 29 now and dont really do that much excerise!. would it be best for me to go to beginner classes and start again?

  • The price per month shown… is that for one day each week? (every tuesday in the month) or can I join any day with the price of one month? Thanks!

    • Hi Yomna, The price shown is to attend one day per week. If you were to attend additional days you could either pay per session or book another day for the month.

  • Hi, I am physically fit and active. I am very intersted to do handstand and forward flip. I go to gym 5-6 in a week but I don’t have any support to train or do these handstand and forward flip. Please can you let me know or is there any of your session will help me to achieve the same.

    Thanks Ash!

    • hi Ash, come along to a beginner session on Wednesdays or Thursdays 8-9.30pm and the coaches will be able to support with these types of skills.

  • Hi,

    I used to train trampolining competitively up to the age of 18. I took a break and haven’t been in training for a year. How do the intermediate and advanced levels differ, and which one do you think would be more suitable for a person like me? I’m not planning on training competitively again but would still love to go to the gym twice or maybe three times a week.



    • Hi Aga, The advanced levels often appeal more to people such as yourself who already have a good grasp of the basics. The warm up, conditioning and prep stations are then geared towards learning more advanced skills. You are welcome to try any session to get a feel for yourself.

  • Hi I am 24 years old and I used to do gymnastics when I was very young. I do flying trapeze as a hobby and static trapeze. I am not at all flexible but would like to build up my flexibility as well as my floor work. I am an absolute beginner, would you be able to cater for my needs?


    • Hi Andrew,
      The adults class on Tuesdays and Wednesdays are suitable for beginners. The structured warm up and basics will help with the flexibility. Its 8-9.30pm at Brunswick Park Primary School, SE5 8TS

  • Hello, i am a professional circus acrobat and live in Camberwell.. It would be very convenient for me to train here but i was just wondering if you have a sprung floor or not?

    Look forward to hearing back

  • Hi there,
    I wish to attend next Tuesday adult intermediate classes? How can i book it?and which of the 2 addresses am i supposed to got to?

    Thank you,

    • Hi Ananda, The adults classes can only be paid for in person. It’s at Brunswick Park Primary School, Picton Street, Camberwell, SE5 7QH

  • Hello! Do you offer any nights for open gym?

  • Hello,

    I’m interested in attending the adult classes on one of the evening times scheduled. Transport wise however what is the best way to get to you? I’m based in Clapham North but work centrally in London.

    Many thanks,

    • Hi Cat, the nearest bus stops are for the 136 or 343 on Southampton Way (about 5 minutes walk). You’ve also got lots of bus routes to Camberwell Green which is about a 10 minute walk. Denmark Hill over ground station is the only station in walking distance (about 15 minute walk)

  • Hi there,

    I did Gymnastics as a child and have been training with Crossfit gymnastics for 2.5 years now. I can do all the basics and round off. I can back handspring with a bit of support and have nearly got my forwards and backwards walk over (off a slight incline).

    Which session should I attend and for your first session are you okay to just turn up?

    Many thanks,


    • Hi Rosie, I’d suggest you would be intermediate so all sessions would be suitable. You are fine to turn up to whichever session you like.

  • Hi, hope you doing great. Will you please tell me is there any course in the month of june and luly?

    • Hi, yes we are on as normal throughout the summer with the exception of Saturdays which will reopen in September.

  • I’m 16 I want to learn some flips do I need to book a session

    • Hi Myles, Just come along to an adults session and we can teach you. No need to book, just turn up.

  • Hi, I just wanted to get an idea of what class would be best for me.
    I used to be a cheerleader and when I was training I almost had a back handspring down. I can still do most of my basic skills, including round-off.
    If I’m wanting to get back into tumbling, which session would you advise for me? Should I just start at beginners or will that not much be catering to tumbling?

  • will you have women’s gymnastics? and is there a waiting list?

    • Hi Lanae, We do have Women’s Artistic apparatus. You can come along to any adults session to do it.

  • Hello there,

    I’m looking for a place to train rope-climbing (with feet, for speed) on a tall rope over the next couple of weeks. Could you let me know if you have a climbing rope and it’s height (roughly)? I’d be really grateful for more information!


  • Hi,

    I’m from Switzerland and here to learn English, so I’m in the EF school for 4 months.
    In Switzerland, I do regularly gymnastics. I try to find a gymnastics club in London to continue my training. I do rings, floor,
    trampoline and bar.

    Do you think that your club can be good for my search ?

    Thank you to answer.


    • Hi Alison, The adults classes would be suitable for you. Tues, Weds, Thurs 8-9.30pm or Saturday 5-7pm at Brunswick Park Primary School, Camberwell, SE5 7QH. Thanks

  • Hi, i am 18 years old. I used to do gymnastics when i was younger and want to get back into it by working with a coach. How do i sign up for the adult gymnastics classes, I want to attend on tuesdays if it is possible. Also what would I need to bring with me considering I don’t have my leotards anymore.

    Please could you get back to me as soon as possible

    Many Thanks


    • Hi Shannon, You can come along to any adults session to join up. Best training gear is shorts or leggings.

  • Hi,

    Is this suitable for complete beginners?


  • Hi,
    I’ve been looking into classes that offer gymnastics/tumbling and was wondering how your classes cater for the completely new, as in, I understand that you do cater for the inexperienced but is there a certain level of fitness/flexibility required?


    • Hi Gee, anyone can access the sessions. Thursdays and Saturdays are best for beginners. Take it at your own pace and hopefully your fitness and flexibility will improve as you go along.

  • Hi,

    I heard about you guys from a girl I met at a party this weekend. I used to attend a gymnastics class between the ages of 6 and 16 when I was younger and then began teaching it as I turned 17 and 18.

    Now I am 26, and out of practice, a little rusty and need of a bit more of a healthy lifestyle – I was wondering if you could outline the basic flow of the evening classes?

    Do you guys do performances and/or competitions? What type of apparatus is there?

    I’m not used to much since my class was at a school as well, and at the start of the day we would pull the boxes, trampettes and bars our from a cupboard. But it would be nice to know.


    • Hi Jack, The structure is warm up and either a circuit or conditioning related exercises for approx. 15-20 minutes followed by 5 – 10 minutes of floor basics. The remaining hour is a variety of skills and progressions revolving mainly around tumbling and trampette though we do have bars and rings, trampoline and beams and pommels. The coaches try to cater to the interests of everyone. Thankfully there is no putting equipment in or out at our adults classes!

  • Hi,

    Are the adult gym classes suitable for a cheerleader looking to improve their tumbling skills and their flexibility? Would a coach be available to help out during the sessions?

    Thanks so much in advance.


    • Hi Georgina, Yes the classes are suitable. We have several Cheerleaders who attend for the same reasons. The coaches will always give you support.

  • Hi, I’m really interested in coming along to a session. I was wondering about parking around Brunswick park school; is there a car park or free parking near by?

  • Hi! This looks like exactly what I’m looking for. I’m in my 30s though and I don’t want to be the oldest one there! I am a personal trainer but want to improve my flexibility, upper body strength and manage a good hand stand! Do you teach the basics?

    • Hi Marie, Yes we do teach from basics including handstand. Feel free to come along to an open session.

  • Hi there, I am looking to get active again and really miss the thrill of gymnastics. I represented my old club at regional, county and national level before ending my career as i was working towards worlds. I trained in both Sports Acrobatics and Tumbling.

    I would really like the opportunity to get back on the tumble track and re-find my former skills and push myself to learn more skills going forward. Also I would like to work on hand balancing and flexibility.

    Is this class able to offer these to me at a modest 30 years old as I have tried other gym clubs and have been told I am too old or ignored all together.

    Thank you in advance for your response.

    • Hi Ashley, We can definitely offer you the opportunity to train again. We have a tumble track which you are welcome to get training on again. We have a number of tumbling coaches who will hopefully be able to support you in what you are looking for.

  • Hi happy new year to you,

    Interested in coming for session this saturday, I have no experience at all but based on all the previous comments that seems to be fine?

    What attire should I come in?


    • Hi Z, Shorts or leggings plus t-shirt are best. Bare feet and no baggy clothing please. Thanks

  • Hi,

    Is it possible to do men artistic gymnastics in your club ? I mean, do you have the 6 male appartus ? I compete in France and will move to London Soon. As a result, I would like to keep training and that’s why I am looking for a club in London.
    Thanks for you help

    • Hi Jonathan, Unfortunately we do not offer Mens Artistic. I can suggest Europa, Bromley Valley, Ladywell, Greenwich Royals as clubs in South London that may be able to help you. All their contact details will be on the British Gymnastics Website. Regards

  • Hi
    Do your classes include work with Gymnastic Rings? I’ve tried Crossfit, and though I enjoyed the minimal gymnastic work, I didn’t really enjoy the rushed heavy lifting.
    Kind regards

    • Hi James, Yes we work with both rings and bars during adults. You are welcome to come and try them out.

  • Good afternoon, i would love for my daughter to attend your gymnastic classes but she dances on a Saturday she is 9 years old and is able to do a bridge (practicing walkover) as well as both box and side splits. she is able to do a front walk over and basics such as cart wheels handsprings etc and is self taught. Would there be another class that she would be able to attend as she is unavailable to attend the classes for her age? She really loves gymnastics and applies herself well. I also done gymnastics and have achieved all my BAGA badges apart from 1 as I couldn’t do my box splits lol. would she be able to attend a class with me and I take full responsibility of her I also run my own expressive arts company so as well as your membership she would be covered under my insurance?

    I look forward to your reply.

    Kind regards


    • Hi Zenovia, We also have the Friday evening session 4pm-5pm and we are hoping to open further sessions early in the new year for this age group. Unfortunately we don’t have any sessions that you could both train at the same time. Feel free to give us a ring if you would like further information. 07960001572.

  • Hello,

    I would like to start some kind of sport class and am actually interested in both gymnastics and the aerial classes. I am not too sure which one I should choose, I fancy both. I would prefer a class where my whole body has a workout (especially lower part if possible). So I think gymnastics might be a better choice? What kind of gymnastic classes do you do? Can I come to try it on any day (stated in the timetable) without any notice? What kind of clothes should I bring?
    I look forward to hearing from you.

    Kind regards,

    Dora Torok

    • Hi Dora, You are welcome to come along on any day to try out. Shorts or leggings plus t-shirt is best. The class is done barefoot. If you come along on a Thursday you will probably see the aerial class in action as well and that might help you make up your mind.

  • Hi there, are your contact details up-to-date? A friend of mine enquiried a few months ago and was never able to get in touch with anyone. We are both interested in the adult classes – please could you confirm that these are still running?


    • Hi Angela,

      Apologies that you’ve had problems getting in touch. Yes there are still adults classes running as advertised on this website. Thanks

  • Hi – I was wondering whether you have a sprung floor to train on?
    Thanks – Annika

    • Hi Annika, Our floor is not sprung but we do have a tumble track. Feel free to come and try it out at one of our classes!

  • Hi I just wanted to let you know that there is a group of 4-5 of us attending tonight to try out the session. Look forward to it.
    Best wishes,

  • Hey, I’m a cheerleader but want to work on improving my tumbling skills as it is my weakness in cheer. I’m looking to try and get my roundoff backhand spring tumble would this be covered in your classes 🙂


    • Hi Jas,

      Yes the adults class would cover this. There a few cheerleaders who come along already with similar goals.

  • Hello, I am a dancer wanting to improve my flexibility and acrobatics. Currently my gymnastics skill level is very low and it is something I would love to improve, would this class be appropriate for me? 🙂

    • Hi Naomi, Yes the adults class would be suitable. You are welcome to come along anytime (no booking needed). Tuesday, Weds or Thurs 8-9.30pm or Saturday 5-8pm.

  • Hi, I wanted to ask if its session on Tuesday or Wednesday of Adults you can train freely and use all of the Gym? I train for years in acrobatics and are just here in London and I will continue because I’m studying for Stuntman and I need to keep training … Thank you very much I hope reply

  • I went to my first ever adults gymnastic class in London on 11 Oct 2014 and it was fantastic! Exactly what I’ve expected and more!!! Really enjoyed the 3-hour exercise with so much to do that time just flew… Excellent coaches and I shall be going back for more!

  • Hi,

    I am hoping to come along on a Wed evening but I just wanted to check this is for all ages and for beginners? I am physically fit and reasonably flexible but turned 40 this year!

    Kind regards

    • Hi Sarah, You are welcome to come along. It is suitable for beginners and no experience is needed. Hope to see you Weds!

  • Hello,
    my names Candace, I’m 16 years old and was wondering do you have any spaces left for the adult classes on Saturday?

    • Hi Candace, You are welcome to come along. As it’s an open session there is no need to book in advance.

  • Went along to the adults class last night. It was great fun, not too many people, lots of coaches about who were great and supportive. Definitely coming back again.

  • Hi
    Can you please let me know how much the adult classes are?

    • Hi Krzystof, it’s £5 per session (£3.50 if you are 18 or under). There is also an annual membership fee of £30 which is due on your third session.

  • hello, I’m 18 and have not much experience at all but would love to learn some new skills and so was wondering if I would be welcome on a Saturday?
    thank you

    • Hi Bethany, You are welcome to come down for Adults on Saturday evenings 5pm start. No experience needed, the coaches will help you learn loads of new stuff! Andrew

  • Hi,
    Just wondering what facilities do you have. i.e. trampoline, foam pit?
    Also is there any student dicount

    • Hi Annie, Our venue at Brunswick School where the adult classes are held have Trampoline, DMT, Tumble Track , uneven bars, vault, trampettes etc. We don’t have foam pits though. There is a discount if you are 18 or under, but no student discount. Thanks, Andrew

  • Dear Coach,

    I would like to attend your adult gymnastics class this week on saturday.

    Please confirm if there is any place available and also any specific gear required in the gym.

    Many Thanks

    • Hi Tahir, Yes there are spaces available. Suitable clothing is shorts or leggings plus t-shirt. Baggy clothes and jewellery are not allowed. Thanks, Andrew

  • To whom this may concern,
    I am very interested in joining your adults gymnastics classes.

    I’ve got some experience in gymnastics but would very much like to get back into doing some gymnastics for fitness and train up some certain skills etc.

    Are your classes fully booked/attended?

    I live down the walworth road, so getting to. Camberwell is pretty easy for me.

    I look forward to hearing from you.

    Dave Stevens

    • Hi Dave, All our adult classes are open so no need to book. Feel free to come down either Tues/Weds/Thurs 8-9.30pm or Saturday 5pm-8pm. All held at Brunswick Park primary School Sports Hall, Picton Street, Camberwell, SE5 7QH. Andrew

  • Atm Tuesdays is looking great for me,…. I’m really looking forward to upping my skills set

  • Dear Sir or Madam

    I really would like to book myself place for adults gymnastic for Saturdays, i would be happy to start in September.

    Please let me know


    • Hi Anita, No need to book just come along to Brunswick Park Primary School, Picton Street, Camberwell, SE5 7QH on Saturdays 5-8pm

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